A Generosity Blog: An Intern's Perspective

Posted by Tina Schuelke Tina Schuelke
By: Whittney Baldwin, Change Management Intern

A few weeks ago, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was a crabby patty. I proceeded to go to Aldi as I had planned for that day and realized I did not have a quarter handy (for the cart). Grumbling and mumbling, I searched my car and found one. I forced myself out of my warm car into the cold brisk day to grab a cart and get done with my shopping. As I walked toward Aldi, a gentleman gave me his cart and did not want my quarter. This small generous act changed my day in one second. He literally turned my frown upside down.

Tina , owner of Change Management Communications Center, did the same exact thing when she offered me an internship position. She continues to make me smile every week that I work with her. She generously gives me tips, teaches me things and is tenaciously helping me find a career. My generosity stems from her and people like the Aldi guy.

Generosity is not about money, it’s a small gesture that goes a long way. Joseph Andrew Chancellor found there is a ripple effect of generosity in the workplace. He writes about it in his dissertation (Ripples of Generosity in the Workplace: The Benefits of Giving, Getting and Glimpsing) at the University of California Riverside. He found that “Givers and Receivers inspired others in their social network to act kindly toward others.” A workplace will benefit from one or more generous people in it.

To learn more information, read the Chancellor's Dissertation.

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Re: A Generosity Blog: An Intern's Perspective

Thanks for sharing. I, too, have come to understand that the generous nature of others and small random acts of kindness do make a huge difference. Through work, through play, through social media,  through daily interactions, generosity wields much power to heal.