Do you think you need a faster horse? Design Thinking and Business Model Generation help clients build what they thought was impossible.

Posted by Tina Schuelke Tina Schuelke
By Laura Dowdy, Change Management Specialist

Recently, we got the best feedback during a client meeting.  Our Client told us that from our business name, Change Management Communications Center, she thought we were people to call when you need to get through hard times.   She said, “You are so much more than that!"

-You have all the right connections,
-You share your skills, knowing how to run a stronger, better business,
-You help businesses grow,
-You think outside the box, you help us reach the next level.  
-You even make us aware there is a next level!

We love to help clients work through the process of changes they know need to happen, but also help clients discover how to make their business more innovative, agile and successful in today’s fast paced business climate.

One of the tools we use is the business model generation canvas, found here.  We create a dynamic, visual representation of your business.  Nine key segments interact and are designed to help you find strengths and weaknesses in your model.  When we work with your business model on the canvas, we generate discussion and creativity.  We use our expertise and experience with the canvas to guide our clients through an innovation process and develop the best new model for their business.

We also teach our clients the process of design thinking.  Business leaders design things all the time: organizational structures, processes, and business models.  Business school doesn't teach you to think like a designer.  Designers practice constant inquiry, create entirely new solutions, and hold the “impossible” to be possible.  In doing so they are able to create solutions beyond what any one has contemplated before:  think Apple’s iPod and iTunes or Henry Ford’s automobile.

“If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
– Henry Ford

When implemented properly, design thinking is a valuable tool for creating buy-in with your team.  It is a team process that not encourages all ideas to be expressed.  Design Thinking is a natural way to begin moving your team through the change process.  When you successfully create buy-in and a sense of ownership among your team, the implementation and actualization of your new innovative goals are that much closer.