Learn to Cultivate Gratitude at Your Workplace

Posted by Tina Schuelke Tina Schuelke

By: Dianna Gaebler, Milwaukee Area Director

It’s November. As I write this, the wind is HOWLING and the temperature is successfully discouraging outside activities. Days are short, dark comes early and there’s anticipation (or dare I say … dread) in the air. Fall is clearly over, and the long Wisconsin winter is settling in.

Against all odds, this month, that has so little to recommend it, has become the month we focus on giving thanks.  Rather than think of the cold wind and short days, we think of family gatherings, turkey and gratitude. November, believe it or not, has become one of our most cherished times of the year.

This is a good reminder to me that what I choose to focus on will transform my experience. I can focus on the wind and the short days. Or I can take the bite out of the wind by cultivating gratitude.

The same is true when thinking about change. Implementing changes can feel overwhelming (and very windy!). Yet each success in a change process is something to be thankful for and to celebrate. A great way to develop gratitude in your change project, and keep your energy up to boot, is to catalogue and actively communicate each “little” win. Set multiple goals (stepping stones) along the way to achieve your big goal and celebrate your achievements. By changing your focus like this, you change your experience. Change becomes something you learn from, celebrate and achieve; not something you simply survive.

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