Workplace Trust Workshop

Posted by Tina Schuelke Tina Schuelke

By: Whitney Baldwin – Business Law and Mediation Intern

Change Management Communications Center (CMCC) promotes business growth in small- and medium-sized businesses. They consistently get down to the “nitty gritty” of helping people work together. Dianna, our Milwaukee Area Director, put together a workshop on trust. Executive Director/ Owner, Tina, and Dianna introduced themselves and made everyone at the workshop feel comfortable enough to talk freely.

Below are some of the things I learned:

A component of Trust within a business is the ability to ask questions and openly talk (which is the exact atmosphere they started with). When organizations work on creating a high-trust environment, feelings surface about the changes.  Work is not always a comfortable place to talk about feelings. Talking about feelings along with facts builds trust between people and improves business. Trust within business brings motivation, creativity, returning customers and word-of-mouth (free) advertising. Without trust, customers and productivity plummets, hurting the bottom line.

Creating trust within business takes hard work and the right people to implement it. Does your company need more trust? Do people have free-will to ask questions and make suggestions in your business? Are questions answered? Are suggestions used? Are customers consistently satisfied? If you said no to any of those questions, you need more trust in your company.

CMCC has many resources for building trust. One resource that Dianna used to prepare our seminar was David Horsager’s book, “The Trust Edge.”

If you need help creating a high-trust environment at work, contact us today.  We will help you identify customized strategies to transition to higher trust.