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Leading in Change!
— by Tina Schuelke Tina Schuelke
By: Whittney Baldwin

Are you a leader? Looking for common language, most people would respond with “Well I don’t know. What do you consider a leader?” I would share my perspective that if you are a working individual in effective control of any type of project, persons, and/or tasks at hand, you are a leader. Most people are leaders, I think the bigger questions are, “Are you a good leader? Can you effectively implement change? Would you support change?”  No matter the position you hold in a company, the company needs your individual support in change to be effective.

Deros et al, did a study on the effectiveness of change to lean manufacturing. The most effective change happens when a manufacturing company identifies why the change needs to happen and then thoroughly communicates the change to all individuals within their company. Every person needs to be on board with the change and there needs to be a plan. Deros et al said, “Successful implementation of lean manufacturing requires announcing, explaining and preparing people for change and the effects of the impending change especially in the early stage to become lean”. Whether you are a small fish in the ocean or a big fish in lake Poygan, the company needs you to implement change! Read more about this article!

Most manufacturing companies need change but simply have problems coming up with a plan and/or implementing it. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to look at your company and make the changes needed to become more profitable. Change Management Communications Center is your solution to become a lean manufacturer. They can help you and the people around you become better leaders and make your company and your pocket books more profitable.